Getting to Ankara

Ankara is an easily accessible city with excellent road and rail links as well as an international airport.

By Air

Turkish Airlines has regular flights to/from nearly all the major cities of the world (check the web site for flight information). Most of the flights connect through İstanbul. The flight from İstanbul takes only 45 minutes to Ankara. The distance from Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) to city center is about 30 kilometers. There are EGO buses and Havas shuttle services between the airport and the city center. Other options are taxis and car rental. Single journey costs about 2 Euro with EGO and about 5 Euro with Havas. Transportation from Esenboğa Airport (ESB) to city center by taxi costs around 35-40 Euro. You can access to airport guide and  pre-flight information about getting to Ankara by air.

By Train & Coach

There are daily train and/or coach services from major European cities such as Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest, Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich and Thessaloniki to İstanbul. Train and excellent coach services run regularly and frequently between İstanbul and Ankara. The coach is much faster than the train and takes about 5 hours. Both train and coach station are near to the city center.

Ankara Inner-City Transportation

There are different means of public transportation. Bus services provide access to all areas. The underground system (Ankaray and Metro) runs in the major directions. The city is also served by traditional yellow cabs and blue minibuses, so called dolmuş, which run along specified routes.