BOBCATSSS is an annual symposium organised by students at a number of universities in Europe. It takes place under the auspieces of EUCLID (European Association for Library and Information Education and Research) and deals with themes from library and information science.

The organising and planning of the BOBCATSSS 2013 symposium is a joint venture between two countries and two universities. The teams from Copenhagen (The royal school of library and informationsscience) and Ankara (Hatcheppe University) work together to realise the goal of creating a place where minds can meet and new ideas can be formed. The universities have in common that they educate in the field of library and information sciences.

Target groups of the BOBCATSSS symposiums are information specialists, students, professors in the field of library and information education and research and employees of libraries and information departments. BOBCATSSS is a European meeting place between the professionals of tomorrow and today’s researchers and teachers.

The name BOBCATSSS is an acronym and describes the university network. The letters stand for the first letters of the cities of the universities that initiated the BOBCATSSS symposium in 1993: Budapest, Oslo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Stuttgart, Szombathely and Sheffield. During the last years further members from Borås, Riga, Kharkiv, Moscow, Tallinn, Torun, Warsaw, Sofia, Ljubljana, Krakow, Bratislava, Prague, Osjiek, Zadar, Berlin, Potsdam, Porto and Parma have joined the network.

It’s unique that teams of students plan and realise both the content and the management of the symposium as a part of their studies. The students are responsible for every aspect of arranging the conference, from marketing and financing to logistics and abstract and paper management. Due to this they profit a lot by border crossing teamwork with other European countries.

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